I would just like to reiterate my love for Will and Miguel. They do a fantastic job, every single time. I gave cut and color a shot along with my keratin this time and was super happy (and I’m one picky customer!) I would highly recommend these guys to anyone.
— Meghan M.
Im back and forth between NYC AND DC and knew there are only a few good salons to choose from for Keratin treatments. and my sorority sister suggested this place and it was great! I will be back great for mixed raced hair!
— Khorri O.
Finally, in the vast sea of overwhelming hair salon choices in NYC, I have found my go-to place. My first time over at MLS was back in July, I went in for a Keratin treatment. Will took care of me that time and gave me a haircut as well - my hair was amazing after that and couldn’t believe how easy it was to manage.
— Yoko M.
Treatment looks great on my sister, but would like to add that it gave her dandruff (some people that get Keratin treatments done do have this problem). If this happens to you just put organic coconut oil all over your scalp for one or two days max. It will completely get rid of the dandruff. Just a tip.
— Lilly R.
It’s day 3 and I’m waiting another few hours before I wash my hair from a keratin treatment I received on Thursday from Will. It was my first time getting this treatment done so I’m not sure what to expect for my hair (aside from less frizz and the benefits I’ve been told about). We shall see soon after my first wash!
— Gina P.
OMG! i will never go to another salon again! .. highly recommend.. the staff is amazing, the place is beautiful and clean... i did the Keratin treatment and let me tell you i almost fell asleep because of how relax i felt. My anniversary is in two weeks and seriously going back to do a hair style.
— Jullisa J.
I’ve been to Will for 2 cuts now which were both fantastic, and he does an amazing job blowing it out. I don’t see any reason for me to visit another salon, I’m always really happy afterward. I also really like the atmosphere of the salon; usually pretty busy but not in an uncomfortable way.
— S.J.
I came in for a Keratin Smoothing Treatment today, and I couldn’t be happier. The entire experience was wonderful. I was warmly welcomed into the salon and made to feel comfortable right away. The process went by quick and easy. Worth every penny.
— Rachael S.